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An inspiring and supportive community

Maumee Valley is more than a campus. It is a community of learners and a way of life. A Maumee Valley education is a personal journey of discovery and action. Through carefully crafted experiences and an intentional culture of exploration and passion, we prepare each student toward exploration of the world and their place in it.

In a richly multicultural environment, Maumee Valley encour年龄s and inspires in every student respect for others and develops creativity, 协作, 沟通, 批判性思维, 和性格. Above all, a Maumee Valley education is Personal, Experiential, and Global. We inspire and support each student to develop into an inquisitive person, with the skills and confidence necessary for success in college and later in life.

We are proud of our history of teaching to students’ passions and not to standardized tests, of recognizing that students learn best by doing, and of believing that creativity, 创新, and joy are at the core of what is best in education. Our students are eng年龄d, passionate, and successful. They not only believe that they can make a difference in the world by the time they graduate they already have.

Welcome from the 校长

A journey of discovery awaits you as you learn about the extraordinary ways we teach and support and the impact it carries forward throughout life.


While Maumee Valley Country Day School is nearing 140 years in Toledo and is rich in tradition, our history is anything but traditional. In fact, a chronicle of our key milestones reads like a record of “firsts.”

使命、愿景 & 战略计划

We are beholden to an innovative spirit and tradition of excellence and proud of our reputation for trailblazing. That pioneering spirit is demonstrated in many ways, from who we hire and how they teach to the students and families we select.


Through an intentionally crafted curriculum, including active lessons as well as serendipitous explorations, a Maumee Valley education launches children toward the investigation of the world and helps them find their place in it.

多样性、股票, 包容, & 归属感

Our 多样性、股票, 包容, and 归属感 initiatives are essential because they contribute to a fair, 包容, and enriching educational experience for students, prepare them for a diverse world, and align with legal and ethical obligations while promoting positive societal change.


We established and now sustain our impressive reputation through the skill and dedication of many talented professionals. Our commitment to excellence is and always will be a team effort, and we are fortunate to have faculty, 父母, 受托人, and other leaders working seamlessly together in pursuit of our mission.


84年来, the Maumee Valley campus has grown along with its hometown of Toledo, using the surrounding natural beauty of creeks and forests to emphasize the word “country” in country day school.


From community celebrations and sporting events to fine arts performances, the Maumee Valley campus is buzzing with activity.